The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll for Monday February 22nd, 2021


Every morning at 5 o'clock we let you look behind the curtains to the Morning Rush morning meeting with Bill Carroll. We talk about what's trending today, all the topics, and interviews for The Morning Rush show.  New federal forecasts project that COVID-19 variants could fuel a surge of 20-thousand new cases per day by mid-March if public health restrictions are relaxed further. Chief public health officer, Doctor Theresa Tam, says while recent infection rates have been declining, the new variants could reverse that trend. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is adding 12 weeks of eligibility to two key benefits for unemployed workers and parents at home with children. Province wide testing in schools show COVID-19 levels in Ottawa schools is relatively low. Education minister Stephen Lecce tells CTV News despite the low numbers we have to keep our guard up. Kids with runny noses, headaches now have to stay home from school and get COVID-19 test, say new rules starting Monday. Physicians will contact Ontarians 80 and over for COVID-19 vaccination appointments, we find out all the facts on Medical Myth Busting with Dr. Barry Dworkin. Sunday House Call, Sunday afternoon at 3 on Newstalk 580 CFRA Dairy industry’s use of palm oil breaches its moral contract with Canadians. We speak to Sylvain Charlebois -- dean of Dalhousie University's faculty of management Trending Today with Matt Harris talks about the Bridgerton star hosting SNL, as well as a front line worker honoured at the NHL outdoor game with an unusual name. Trudeau also announced that employment insurance eligibility is being stretched to almost a year. Risks of higher debt may outweigh stimulus benefits, experts warn. We speak to Ian Lee – Sprott School of Business at Carleton University.