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Lianne has been talking food and what it can do for you for almost 20 years. Nutrition is her passion because, well, we eat all day long and food can have the biggest impact on our health. She’s followed every diet, ditched just about everything at one time or another and has lived to tell the tale. Lianne’s love of breaking down complex and overwhelming news headlines, studies, recommendations and how-to makes choosing what to eat easier for you. Eating can be complicated and even confusing, and it doesn’t need to be. If you want success, to feel better and make confident choices, you need Lianne by your side. She is a registered nutritionist and bestselling author.

  • Eat This With Lianne: Candida (EP 97)

    What do you know about "anal itchiness"? Do we have your attention now? Ok, so this show is NOT on itchy anuses BUT it is connected to them... well, those and so many more ailments and issues that we deal with from day to day...and they may ALL be connected to something called Candida Albicans, a fungal infection cause by yeast and mold inside our very own bodies. On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we will discuss the connection between Candida and a tonne of physical issues and symptoms that you may have been suffering with for years. We'll talk how your diet can cause and can fix the situation.
  • Eat This With Lianne: Better Baby (EP 96)

    Almost 2 years ago, we were forced indoors with little to nothing to do but wait...and wait...and... Well, maybe some of us did MORE than just wait. For some, the product of that "waiting" is now burping and babbling their way through the day. Did Covid help bring on small BABY BOOM? Time will tell, but for those who are expecting, have recently welcomed a new family member, or maybe you know someone close to you who has a bouncing bundle of joy....this episode is for you. On this episode of Eat This With Lianne, it's ALL ABOUT BABY. Dispelling the food myths, and a few helpful tips to keep baby growing well and developing a decent digestive system.
  • Eat This With Lianne: Stock the Fridge, Stock Your Immunity (EP 95)

    Your questions, your comments, your ideas...ALL are extremely important to the success and informative nature of Eat This with Lianne! We wouldn't be doing this, without YOU.  This week on Eat This with Lianne, we got a great question from one of our loyal listeners and thought it would be a perfect topic for an entire podcast/radio show! Thanks to JANICE, Lianne will be delving into some of the immune rich foods and ideas to stock your fridge with over the winter months! Enjoy!
  • Eat This With Lianne: No Prisoner To Your Genetics (EP 94)

    So, if your Mom suffers with Crohn's disease, does that mean you're predetermined to face the same challenges in your life? Or, maybe cancer is prevalent in your family history. Does that put you in cancers crosshairs just because you share the same genes? Over the past decades or more, medical advancements have allowed us to delve deep into our genetic make-up from generations gone by to help us formulate our plan to combat any possible weakness and ailments that are intertwined throughout our family tree. Can genetic testing be like the crystal ball of health science?! Are we A PRISONER to our own genetics!? Or do we possess the power to take control and change through lifestyle and diet? On this episode of Eat This With Lianne, we're joined by fan favourite Dr "B" and his own intellectual pool of genetics to help us all understand the worlds of genetics, epigenetic, and so much more! Show notes found on and a list of supplements recommeded like Liposome B Complex Liquid, Magnesium Bis-Glycinate and Kid Boost over on 
  • Eat This With Lianne: 5 WORST Ingredients (EP 93)

    We've all caught ourselves....turning that package over...and saying to ourselves... "what's in this?" And sure, we all look at the usual suspects, sugar, sodium, saturated fats etc... BUT there are always a slew of ingredients that don't just roll off the tongue. In fact, they shouldn't be anywhere near our mouths at all.  On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we'll delve into the 5 WORST ingredients that you want to avoid, and why? 
  • Eat This With Lianne: The Light And Dark Side Of Chocolate

    We've talked Chocolate before...BUT can you really talk too much about the "food of the gods"? We think not! On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we have invited on a very passionate personality, chocolate expert, Founder and Head Goose of ChocoSol Traders, Michael Sacco, to speak about the light and dark side of chocolate and the chocolate trade itself! Trust us when we don't want to miss this conversation, all about CHOCOLATE!      
  • Eat This With Lianne: TMJ and TMD (EP 91)

    If your mouth hurts, hows does that effect you overall health? Specifically, your jaw, your everything lining up? Believe it or not a whole lot of health issues can permeate from your jaw muscles. Its called your Temporal Mandibular Joint or TMJ.If your TMJ is hurting, its called a Temporal Mandibular Disorder...or TMD.  So, on this episode of Eat This With Lianne, we welcome back Dr. Freeman to delve into the world of TMJ and TMD, with the hopes someone suffering with this disorder might recognize the symptoms, learn a few ways to deal with it, and find help.  
  • Eat This With Lianne: Are You A Mouth or Nose Breather?

    Do you breath through your MOUTH? or your NOSE? Simple question, simple answer...but further to this inquiry...Do you know the health benefits and detriments to either? Believe it or not, there is a huge connection to lots of health issues with the WAY we breath.  On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we have invited on a holistic dentist and true expert on just this very topic to help us all understand the true differences between a 'mouth' and 'nose' breather, and what it means to our overall well being.
  • Eat This With Lianne: Why Bother With Breakfast? (EP 89)

    Why bother with breakfast? It's THE most important meal of the day... isn't it? To be honest, that may be a slight over statement...good health, good food, good choices should come at any time of the day. BUT, we got a handful of questions from people like you along the idea "why should i even bother with breakfast?" So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we'll delve into the minefield of choices, myths, and brilliant breakfast talk to help give your mind the nourishment it needs to bring breakfast back to the table.
  • Eat This With Lianne: Vagus PART 2 (The What to's)

    The Vagus Nerve...has hit a real "nerve" with you! Our loyal listener.  So much any comments and our previous episode all about this incredibly important cranial nerve.  It has forced us to do a PART the Vagus Saga! On this episode of Eat This With Lianne, we have invited the ever entertaining and brilliant "Dr B" back to give us a real look into just what to do to help us finely TONE this nerve, and truly improve our overall health and well-being. Join us!