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  • Hour 3 of Ottawa Now for Wed. February 21st, 2024

    A trio of Ontario-based family doctors are issuing a warning to medical students across the province, especially those who are on the verge of graduating from Medical School. Their piece of advice is simple and direct: Do not start your own family medicine practice in Ontario. Dr. Sohail Gandhi recently co-authored an op-ed in The Globe and Mail, explaining why it has become ‘unsafe’ to run a family practice in this province. He joins Kristy Cameron in Hour 3. But first, it’s time to tackle today’s Question of the Day, and it’s all about teaching those who are tasked with teaching today’s students. Should the Ford government shorten Teachers College to one year, instead of the current two-year cycle? Make your voices heard and chime in on the CFRA textboard!

  • Hour 4 of Ottawa Now for Wed. February 21st, 2024

    The warmer days of Winter are upon us, and they were previously wreaking havoc for seasonal events such as Winterlude. At the same time, these mild temperatures have been a blessing for Ottawa’s contractors, who have been able to get more work done ahead of March’s arrival. Kristy Cameron chats with John DeVries, the President and General Manager of the Ottawa Construction Association. Oh, and about that warm weather that’s on the way – it has also temporarily closed the Rideau Canal.

  • Hour 2 of Ottawa Now for Wed. February 21st, 2024

    As our population grows and the city intensifies, there will be a growing desire and a crucial need for new housing units – minus the parking spaces. If you are building anything from scratch these days, the conversation always comes back to parking lots, and how you can attract customers on a daily basis. However, you don’t want nearby neighbourhoods to be transformed into default parking lots. And today, calls are growing for the minimum parking rules at housing projects to be axed completely. Is this the best path forward? We open the debate floor with Robert Brinker, the President of the Federation of Citizens' Associations here in Ottawa. Elsewhere in Ontario, the City of Belleville is pleading to the Ford government for financial assistance, with the hopes of building a new health hub to fight against a chaotic overdose crisis. Since then, all they’ve heard is crickets, and the Mayor of Belleville is now taking matters into his own hands.

  • Hour 1 of Ottawa Now for Wed. February 21st, 2024

    As Ontario school boards endlessly struggle to find teachers, the Ford government is analyzing ‘every option on the table’ to help solve this critical shortage. One of those options is to reduce the level of teacher education back to one year, as opposed to the current two-year program. Is this a good idea? Kristy Cameron explores further with David Hutchison, a Brock University professor who also studies educational reform and teacher education. Meantime, the City of Ottawa is celebrating the arrival of another professional sports team. This time, it’s the newly-named Ottawa Black Bears, a National Lacrosse League franchise that is relocating from New York.

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