York Street Starbucks serves rare coffee, wine & beer

Starbucks York Street

It's a brand new experience for Ottawa coffee lovers - and it will be available at the city's newest Starbucks location.

When the Starbucks on York Street opens Thursday morning, customers will be able to get more than just their regular Grande Pike Roast.

This particular location is the first in Canada to include a 'reserve bar' where fine, rare coffees from around the world a specially brewed using a siphon method.

"This is our most science-y looking brew methods that we have here," said Coffee Master Tim Barretto-Burns. "What we have here is our bottom chamber - this is where our water is actually heating here, using our halogen bulb. What's going to happen when we put in out top chamber, once that water's hot enough, the vapour's actually going to rise into our second chamber and that's where we're going to do our brew. We're going to have a full immersion brew."

It takes about 10 minutes to brew the coffee. Clients can sit along a long bar to watch.

"What we're going to be using here at our reserve coffee bar is going to be our reserve coffees," he added. "When I say reserve, I'm talking about small lot rare coffees. These coffees, they could be around once, so it's really, you've got to try it because it's going to be that really unique flavour."

This location also serves the new Nitro Cold Brew, wine and local craft beer.