UPDATE| IceDogs goalie Tucker Tynan doing well after emergency surgery


The owners of the Icedogs giving us an update this morning on the condition of goalie Tucker Tynan who suffered a severe cut during last night's game from the skate of a London Knight.

Bill and Denise Burke stopped by our Great Holiday Food Drive to drop off a donation for Community Care.

CKTB's Tim Denis asking the Burke's about the condition of the 17 year old rookie goalie from Chicago.

They say Tucker is doing well after undergoing emergency surgery, but has a long recovery ahead.

Bill Burke says the skate cut through his leg to the bone and struck an artery, causing massive blood loss.

Denise Burke says she has never had such a horrifying experience in her life but she commends the team's staff for their quick action helping Tucker until EMS arrived.

The Burke's also say Tucker's mother flew in last night to be with her son.

The team's Twitter feed is full of well wishes and some suggestions from fans.

One fans writes,"Glad to hear he's stable and in surgery. in light of his injury I'd encourage everyone to go donate blood. Tucker lost a lot of blood and even if they have enough for him they may not for someone else. Let's roll up our sleeves and give."

Another suggests, "To add to your wonderful suggestion of donating blood, I would like to add: Everyone find a STOP THE BLEED course near you, sign up and show up. They'll teach you how to save a friend or a stranger and how to self-save. It's as important as knowing CPR."