Niagara's Chair is condemning West Lincoln Mayor Bylsma for question to resident about her period

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Niagara's top politician is speaking out after a controversial Regional Councillor asked a constituent about her menstrual cycle.

Chair Jim Bradley issued the statement calling West Lincoln Mayor Dave Bylsma's message to a woman asking if she still got her period following vaccination inappropriate.

"It is for these reasons that I am deeply concerned and troubled that Councillor Bylsma would engage in conversation with a resident about personal matters that are so clearly none of his concern. It is exceptionally disappointing that a statement needs to be issued on a topic of conversation that is so obviously inappropriate. These types of interactions are embarrassing, and reflect poorly on our entire community."

Bradley says he 'completely condemns' Bylsma's conduct in regard to this matter. 

"This behaviour is not becoming of a Regional Councillor, nor is it the type of conduct the public expects and deserves from an elected official."

Emily Spanton shared the message on Twitter today saying she wasn't sure if she should release it or not.  

"I was on the fence about whether to share this publicly, as an outreach worker I'm all about period positivity, but this isnt that. It is however an example of inappropriate behaviour. (Its also a little presumptuous given my age but thats neither here nor there.)"

CKTB has reached out to Bylsma for comment.

Bradley has issued an apology to Spanton.

"It is offensive and unacceptable. I also want the public to know that this behaviour does not reflect Regional Council’s values, nor our Code of Conduct.

Bylsma has been in the spotlight recently after speaking at an anti-lockdown rally in St. Catharines.