1 Dish 1 Mic - Complete Episode - November 19, 2022



Yakotshanuni (Kathleen Doxtator) is an Oneida Woman living and working in her community of Oneida Nation of the Thames.  Kathleen is actively involved in language revitalization, community wellbeing, politics, and lifelong learning.  Yakotshanuni means she is happy in the Oneida language and that encompasses and embodies the work that Kathleen does to maximize her potential.  Kathleen teaches the Oneida Language at Saunders Secondary School and has been an Elected Councillor since 2016.  Kathleen has a variety of interests including creating beaded jewelry, makeup artistry, and media representation.   Kathleen enjoys working with Indigenous youth and challenges the multiple systems that continue to disadvantage them,  Indigenous youth are falling through the cracks and Kathleen is doing everything she can personally and professionally to raise up Indigenous young people and their voices.  Social Media Handles (https://linktr.ee/yakotshanuni) Tiktok and IG  @Yakotshanuni https://www.instagram.com/yakotshanuni/?hl=en Kathleen Marie on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kmldox/www.kathleendoxtator.com  My Small Business www.guidedbyourgifts.comIG and FB @Guidedbyourgiftshttps://www.instagram.com/guidedbyourgifts/?hl=en