One Dish One Mic (MAR 12, 2022)


Karl Speaks with Six Nations Dancer Santee Smith - The Mush Hole is a theatrical dance performance coming to the St Catharines Performing Arts Centre on March 22nd. The story is about the truths of Canada’s first residential school - The Mohawk Institute. “A story about hope and finding light in dark places, as much as it speaks to intergenerational trauma, it screams resilience,” says Santee Smith who created, directs, and is featured in the production. Details on March 19th Round Dance for Heather Winterstein A Memorial Round Dance to honour Heather Winterstein will be happening on Friday March 18 at 12 Noon, at St. Catharines Market Square. Heather Winterstein’s mom Francine Shimizu speaks with Karl on the air. Sean talks with Karl about a journalism workshop featuring an all star cast of mentors for up and coming Six Nations storytellers