Vic Linklater - The Poets - 1 Dish 1 Mic


The Poets

The Poets are a band that is based in Moose Factory / Moosone in northern Ontario.

They first got their start in 2018 at a local community arts and music festival called The Gathering Of Our People.

Band members include

Guitarists: Clint Hamilton, Rob Carter
Bassist: Jon Kapashesit,
Drummer: Paul Chakasim
Lead singer: Vic Linklater.

Vic saw this as an opportunity to support Gord Downie’s cause of reconciliation in the wonderful unity that is the Downie/Wenjack Fund, of which The Poets are members of.

Since The Poets’ inception, they’ve continued on into 2022 and beyond with their passion for building bridges and creating partnerships with Indigenous and non-indigenous people from communities across Ontario and Canada in the spirit of Gord and reconciliation.