$10.5 million to help build 41 new affordable homes in Niagara


The Federal government announcing an investment in affordable housing in Niagara.

The $10.5 million will support the creation of an estimated 41 new affordable homes in the region.

St. Catharines MP Chris Bittle says, "Municipalities are on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has clarified the urgency to build safe, affordable housing for the most vulnerable among us. With today's investment, our government stepping up to support communities across Niagara Region through the Rapid Housing Initiative, to quickly build new homes for those who need them most."

The Rapid Housing Initiative supports those in uncertain housing situations, experiencing or at risk of homelessness, or living in temporary shelters because of the pandemic. 

Jim Bradley, Regional Chair of the Niagara Region says, "Addressing Niagara's housing and homelessness challenge is a key priority for this term of council and these funds will be put to good use removing individuals and families from our housing waitlist. The $10.5 million announced today will allow the Region to continue to provide critical support to those most at risk of becoming homeless in Niagara."