$14-million cocaine bust at border in Fort Erie


Border agents in Fort Erie catching a shipment of cocaine crossing into Canada.

$14-million worth of cocaine was found in a commercial truck crossing over on June 15th.

The 24 year old driver from Quebec was charged with Importation of a controlled substance, contrary to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Pardeep Singh, from Lasalle, Quebec is due in a St. Catharines court tomorrow.

Kim Upper, District Director, Fort Erie District Operations, Canada Border Services Agency says, "The Canada Border Services Agency plays an integral role in keeping our communities safe. Our officers have interrupted the smuggling attempt of a massive amount of narcotics, and have put a full stop to the ripple effect these narcotics would have in neighbourhoods across our country. The CBSA is extremely proud of its officers and their ongoing role in safeguarding our borders."