'We don't feel safe at all': 2 cars damaged by broken glass from Stantec Tower

Pieces of glass tumbled from the 29th floor of the Stantec Tower Monday evening, shattering on the street below and damaging two cars.

Holly Johnson works across the street in Bell Tower, and she said she and her coworkers saw four or five sheets of glass falling from their ninth floor office.

Tim Shipton, an ICE District spokesperson, told CTV News in a statement that no one was injured and debris landed on two parked cars near 103 Avenue and 102 Street.

But Johnson said she and her coworkers watched a car pull over and a man step out, brushing glass from his shoulders. The back window of the car was completely shattered.

“My coworkers and I were all looking and talking about it and just completely shocked. Like, how is this happening twice now from the same building?”

In June of last year, a single panel of glass also fell from the 29th floor of the skyscraper.

Shipton said that scaffolding protection had been applied over all building entrances and sidewalks that will remain in place until protective film can be applied to all windows. Any uncovered walkway will be shut down for the time being.

"We are aware of an issue related to some glass panes on Stantec Tower and have been working diligently to repair, replace or apply protective film to affected tower windows to prevent debris from becoming dislodged from the building," Shipton said.

But these measures aren’t enough, said Johnson. She adds that the scaffolding doesn’t cover the street where the glass fell Monday night.

“We don’t feel safe at all. It’s kind of terrifying,” Johnson said. “Thank goodness it’s happened twice and nobody has been seriously injured. That’s, I think, pure luck.”

Sydney Schneider works with Johnson at Bell Tower. She said she felt panicked this morning driving to work after seeing the aftermath.

“I’m a mom and I drive down that street every single day - to think about my daughter being in the back seat of that car, and that happening - it put chills down my spine. It really makes me sick.”

Stantec said in an email statement on Tuesday that it is aware of the incident, and clarified that Stantec does not own the building or control the property.

Protective film is expected to be applied to all windows by the end of this fall.

"As building owners and property managers," Shipton said, "everyone's safety is our number one priority. We know how important it is to resolve this issue."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson