25,000 attend unsanctioned Western U street party

CKTB-News- Western street party

The mayor of London is not impressed with students attending an unsanctioned Western University homecoming street party.

Ed Holder took to Twitter calling out students who hung bed sheets off their front porches containing lewd messages about women.

Holder writing "We will not allow young women - be they students, faculty or otherwise – to be disrespected, and we will not allow London to be used as a door-mat, nor a poster-child for the ignorant messaging that was on display over the weekend."

The school's students' council posted on Facebook, "Sexual and gender-based violence is never okay. Many of our students may have been impacted by seeing these messages in person or in photos. If you or someone you know have experienced sexual or gender-based violence, support is available on campus or within the community."

About 25,000 people attended the massive party last weekend.

Police made 13 arrests, issued over 2,000 warnings and laid 10 public nuisance charges.