25-yr-old man arrested after mailboxes and barn set on fire in Fort Erie


A 25-year-old Fort Erie man has been arrested after a number of fires and threatening messages were delivered to home owners.

Last month, emergency officials were called out to several mischief and arson complaints on the west side of Fort Erie.

Police say 8 mailboxes and 1 hay barn were set ablaze.

The barn fire resulted in $50,000 in damage, but no one was hurt.

Officers believe the suspect harassed a property owner, on a repeated basis, by engaging in harassing, threatening, and unwanted contact.  

The suspect is also alleged to have left offensive messages in 5 mailboxes.

25-year-old Chandler Ladd is charged with harassment, five counts of mischief, and nine counts of arson.

A bail hearing will be held today.

Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact Detective Constable Maguire at 905-688-4111, dial option #3, extension #1009339.