35 percent of tenants in Canada fear they won't have enough money to pay rent tomorrow

Rent -selensergen

Tomorrow is rent day across the country and there is a growing number of tenants who say they won't be able to afford to pay the rent.

ACORN, a national agency that advocates for low and moderate income Canadians, has released the results of a cross country survey that finds almost half of respondents say they are worried about paying rent.

Almost 35 percent said they don't have enough money and of those, 15 percent say they will have to either take out a high interest payday loan, get an advance on a credit card or borrow from a family member to make the payment.

Overall, the vast majority told ACORN the pandemic has had a major impact on their financial situation and nearly half do not qualify for EI or CERB.

ACORN is calling on all levels of government to do more to help struggling tenants.