50 people being honoured in Lincoln

Lincoln faces

50 people, who have helped make Lincoln a better place to live, are being recognized.

To celebrate Lincoln’s 50th anniversary year, Mayor Sandra Easton and Members of Council will recognize 50 individuals who have made notable contributions to the community.

Recipients were selected by Members of Council, and five separate and invite-only ceremonies will be held during the months of October and November to recognize them.

On Monday, a mural installation will be placed at the Fleming Centre, featuring a photograph of each individual along with a bio.

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“Lincoln’s 50th anniversary year represents a significant opportunity to celebrate the community’s rich past and bright future” said Mayor Sandra Easton. “As a broad representation of the entire Lincoln community, the images of the 50 faces stand as examples of how all the recipients contribute as individuals, in groups of service providers, as creators of local images and of examples of support and community belonging over the past 50 years. As a Council we are incredibly grateful for the commitment they have dedicated to being caring stewards of our Town”.