'A big win for Niagara' MP says single event sports betting almost law in Canada


Single event sports betting is on its way to become legal in Canada.

Niagara Falls MP Tony Baldinelli says he was thrilled as Bill C-218, The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, passed third reading.

The Bill now awaits formal Royal Assent, to complete its legislative journey and become law.

Baldinelli joined CKTB's Tom McConnell with reaction saying it's fabulous news for our economy.

“Bill C-218 is a ‘tremendous win’ for Niagara Falls, the Niagara Region, and our local tourism economy”, said Baldinelli. 
“Legalizing single event sports betting was a priority of mine since I was elected. I am thrilled my Conservative colleague was able to sponsor this Bill when he did, and I was able to do my part in helping to pass this important legislation through parliament.”

“Having single event sports betting now legal in Canada will be a significant draw for our tourism economy and local casinos. It means we can now compete effectively against our American counterparts on this. Legalizing this activity will also take a significant source of funding away from criminals and organized crime.”

Explaining why the legislation is important to him, MP Baldinelli said, “C-218 will help accelerate local tourism recovery from this devastating pandemic, and it will result in new jobs, new investment, and growth in our local tourism economy.”