A night of calm even though protesters ignore curfews

Masked protestors -jacoblund

Undeterred by curfews, protesters streamed back into the nation's streets last night, hours after President Donald Trump pressed governors to put down the violence set off by George Floyd's death and demanded that New York call up the National Guard to stop the “lowlifes and losers.”

But most protests passed peacefully, and the country appeared calmer than it did a day earlier, when violence swept through multiple cities.

The president, meanwhile, amplified his hard-line calls from Monday, when he threatened to send in the military to restore order if governors didn’t do it.

But the Governor of Colorado and Mayor of Denver, both Democrats, issued a joint statement in response saying “Denver is not Little Rock in 1957, and Donald Trump is not President Eisenhower. This is a time for healing, for bringing people together, and the best way to protect civil rights is to move away from escalating violence.”