'A unique opportunity': U of G students creating videos for virtual graduation ceremonies

The University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario is shown on Friday March 24, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Hannah Yoon

Amid a pandemic-disrupted graduation season, the University of Guelph has developed a unique way for graduates to cross the stage at virtual ceremonies.

More than 5,000 students at the university are graduating this month, with officials at the University of Guelph asking students to submit a video of themselves walking across the stage in their own way.

The videos will be played alongside the roll call during virtual ceremonies.

"We tried to make it a little more dynamic for them, where they can see themselves and they can hear very personal messages and feel their connection to the university, that their time here was significant," said Claire Alexander with the university's office of ceremonies and events.

"It won't be the same as if we were here in person, but it should be fun," said mechanical engineering student Maxwell Fisher.

Fisher is among many students getting creative as they cross the stage. He's opting to ride a unicycle.

"It's actually really fun," he said.

Olivia Kenny, who is graduating from a biomedical engineer program, decided to jump into a lake near her house.

"I'm glad that the University of Guelph did as much as they could to make it exciting for us and something we'll still remember," she said.

Masters students Labeeb Khan and Faham Khan made a collaborative video as their names as announced back-to-back.

"It's just a unique opportunity to do something silly and loosen up our stress during this time," Labeeb said. "It's been a fun experience."

"It's just a goofy video," Faham said. "Hopefully it's something people will laugh at."

The University of Guelph says more than 1,400 students uploaded a picture or video for the virtual event.