Acting MOH clarifies who can dine with whom in Niagara


Niagara is officially under the province's new orange alert level, which doesn't bring about any major changes, but does mean if you go to a bar or restaurant you will only be able to sit four per table.

But where it does become confusing is that this is on top of  the new rules for eateries and bars brought in over the weekend by Niagara Public Health which are in addition to the provincial changes.

Under the new local rules, that kicked in on Saturday, Niagara residents can only eat or drink with members of their own household or an essential caregiver

A CKTB listener contacted Niagara in the Morning to ask Acting Medical Officer of Health Doctor Mustafa Hirji if that means she can't dine with her boyfriend?

Dr. Hirji says "you can dine with your household or one or two people who are necessary to your physical and mental health."

The MOH says he does not expect restaurant and bar owners to ask for identification from patrons to prove they live at the same address, but just to get people to attest to the fact.

CKTB's Tim Denis also asking the doctor, if he acknowledges the two new sets of rules brought in over the last three days is confusing?

Dr. Hirji says had he known the province planned to move us into the orange level he would have coordinated the regional changes to coincide.

But Hirji says " Friday afternoon was a total surprise to me, that the province was changing their thresholds for their reopening framework and putting us into the orange zone."