Advil Cold & Sinus Convenience Packs recalled due to mislabeling

CKTB - NEWS - Advil Cold and Sinus recall 2021

Some packages of Advil Cold & Sinus are being recalled because they were labelled incorrectly.

Some nighttime capsules were mistakenly labelled as daytime capsule, and daytime capsules were labelled as nighttime capsules.

Consumers will be able to spot the difference between the two despite the mislabeling as daytime capsule are beige with 'Advil Cold & Sinus' written in black ink while nighttime capsules are orange and have the marking 'Advil A/S.'

The nighttime capsule can cause drowsiness and could have serious health consequences for people operating heavy machinery, people who have taken other sedatives or tranquilizers, and the elderly.

Day/Night Convenience Packs in 18 and 36 caplet packages are affected.

The products were distributed in Canada starting in July of this year and have an expiration date of February 2023.