All lanes of QEW at Fairview Street fully reopen early this morning following transport truck fire

CKTB - NEWS - Transport Truck fire QEW September 09 2021

All lanes of the Toronto-bound QEW at Fairview Street near Burlington have finally reopened after a transport truck fire yesterday.

OPP officials report the road fully reopened just before 3 a.m. today, almost a full day after the initial incident involving a transport truck hauling batteries early yesterday morning.

Commuters were stuck in traffic for hours as environmental clean up crews worked to safely clean up the remains of the truck and its cargo.

So far there is still no word on the cause of the fire, but no injuries were reported.

Some lanes started to reopen just after 10 a.m. yesterday, but OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt warned it would take some time to fully reopen the QEW as MTO officials were assessing the damage caused to the road surface by the heat of the fire.

Schmidt said the road would need be the grinded and repaved before the road could fully reopen.

According to the OPP, road repairs were underway at 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon.