AMA offers tips to Albertans looking to open their own small business

The Alberta Motor Association conducted a survey of Albertans and found younger residents are twice as likely to have considered opening a small business than those 55 and older. (File)

One-in-10 Albertans say they've considered establishing a small business as a new career path and the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) wants to ensure those entrepreneurs have the tools to succeed.

The organization released the statistics for Alberta's Small Business Month from a new survey conducted online on a group of 1,441 Albertans from all over the province.

Officials say the results suggest many people are looking for alternative ways to earn money in the face of 2021's long-term unemployment rates.

The data also found Albertans under 55 years old are twice as likely to have considered opening a small business but that same group is 57 per cent more hesitant to act given the uncertainty that remains.

However, the AMA says there are a lot of Albertans who aren't prepared to handle the challenges that come with owning their own business.

"Starting a business is overwhelming at the best of times, let alone in a pandemic; it's important to lean on trusted resources for support," said Leah McSween, a business registry specialist at AMA in a release. "From developing a business plan, to understanding the required insurance, to establishing a name, the journey is easier when you can see the whole road—and that's where small business experts are extremely valuable."

The AMA says it can help people with a number of issues such as registering a unique business name, understanding what permits and licences are needed, filing annual returns at the right time and other considerations.

"Small businesses are the soul of this province—and right now, owners need support more than ever," said McSween.

"We're proud to stand with entrepreneurs and do everything we can to help them succeed."