American police offer advice for moving to the land of the 'poutine-fattened beaver.'

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An American police department is warning Americans planning to move to Canada over the US election that our border patrol agents '...seem to have a little bit of badger in them.'

In a post on Facebook the Bangor Maine Police Department encourage people trying to head to the Great White North to choose a route that doesn't cut through their jurisdiction.

They warn 'It's kind of icy here right now' and suggest '...using a boat or aircraft to gain access to the land of the majestic - poutine-fattened - beaver.'

The post also notes that Canadians '...did not really invite you to come over anyway' since the border is still closed due to the pandemic.

They also tell Americans to be on their best behaviour and leave poor attitudes at home since Canadian Border Service Agents 'just won't put up with your nonsense.'

In the end, the police department asks people to simply be kind to one another, especially over the coming weeks.