Another certified living wage employer in Niagara


The Enviro-Niagara Group is the region's latest employer to offer a living wage to it’s workers.

Enviro-Niagara owner Mike Konderka explains that offering his employees a living wage gives them an opportunity to volunteer, enlist in recreational sport leagues, and get involved in the Niagara community.

He adds that their benefit packages are among the most extensive in the industry, so that team members can rest easier and healthier. 

The Enviro-Niagara Group was established in 2009 and currently employs 22 full time staff.

Over 20 employers across Niagara have now chosen to become living wage certified according to Chair of the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network, Glen Walker.

A living wage reflects what earners need to be paid based on the actual costs of living and being included in the community. 

The 2018 living wage for Niagara region has been calculated to be $17.99/hour.