Another community-inspired outdoor rink is hoping to open in Niagara tomorrow

outdoor rink istock

Another outdoor community ice rink is hoping to open in Niagara this weekend as temperatures drop.

The rink is located on the ball diamond at the Virgil Sports Park in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Former town councillor Paolo Miele started working on the idea back in September by approaching town council.

Council approved the idea, and Miele assembled a team and community funds.

He is hopefully it will officially open to the public tomorrow.

"We could of had people out last week. I mean the ice has been frozen solid for over a week. People have been using it, while it hasn't officially opened."

Another community-inspired outdoor rink at Walker's Creek Park in St. Catharines is also opening to officially welcome skaters tomorrow.

Indoor arenas are closed under the government's new COVID restrictions until at least Jan. 26th.