Another Niagara community implements paid parking at beaches


Another Niagara beach community is implementing paid parking and giving locals free access.

Port Colborne has brought in new strict beach rules for the summer of 2021 including allowing only Niagara residents to use Centennial Park-Cedar Bay Beach. 

Port Colborne residents can park for free at Cedar with their pass, but residents living in Niagara outside of the city will have to pay $25-35 per car.

The beach will be monitored by city staff and hired security members.

Nickel Beach will be open to all residents but passes will have to be bought online.

Port Colborne residents can park for free at Nickel, but all other Niagara residents will have to buy a pass online prior to going to the beach for $20-25 per vehicle. Non-Niagara residents will have to pay $50-55 for the online pass.

Beach access is free for people arriving on bikes, walking in, etc. but crowd control will be in effect.

There will be no off site parking, and enforcement will be stepped up.

Last week St. Catharines voted to implement paid parking at Lakeside and Sunset beaches for non-St. Catharines residents.