Anti lockdown groups accused of printing bogus face mask exemption cards


A growing number of municipalities in Ontario are beginning to pass mandatory face mask bylaws.

Burlington, St. Catharines, Guelph, Toronto and Ottawa city councils agreeing to bylaws requiring face coverings in indoor spaces, like stores, where physical distancing isn't always possible.

Halton Regional Council debates the issue today and Niagara Regional Council will revisit it next week.

Hamilton's Board of Health voted in favour last week and the move will now go to council to rubber stamp.

Meantime, Canada's Human Rights Commission is warning about some face mask exemption cards now in circulation.

Anti lockdown groups are blamed for producing the cards that feature a medical care seal, along with  a phone number for the Canadian Human Rights Commission on the back.

A spokesperson for the commission tells that "these cards are fake" and in no way authorized by the organization.