Artist short list selected and fundraising begins for St. Catharines Neil Peart memorial

CKTB-News-Neil Peart

The Neil Peart memorial in St. Catharines is moving forward as a short-list of artists has been selected and fundraising begins.

The Neil Peart Commemorative Task Force has been meeting since last July to consider options for the memorial, and has now narrowed the field to seven artists: A Day On The Bridge Inc., IDS Integrative Design Strategies Inc., Morgan Sculpture Inc., R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd., Ruth Abernethy, Ted Fullerton, and The Planning Partnership.

Task Force Chair David DeRocco says, "We know how important this project is to the international community of fans of both Neil and Rush, but it's also going to be an important artistic showpiece for the local community who flock to Lakeside Park year-round."

The online donation campaign will allow fans from around the world to contribute to the project honouring the famous Rush drummer, lyricist, and storyteller.

Peart called St. Catharines home during his early years and even penned an ode to Lakeside Park where the memorial will be placed alongside the Neil Peart Pavilion.

He would have been 69 on September 12th.

He died on January 7, 2020 after living with brain cancer for more than three years.