As another day dawns, there is still no clear winner in U.S. election


If you are waking up, just to let you know before you turn on the coffee maker, we still don't know who lead America for the next four years.

There were a few new developments however overnight.

Joe Biden is now ahead in Georgia but he is still in a statistical dead heat in the state with rival Donald Trump.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, CNN says there are still 163,501 uncounted absentee ballots and so far mail in ballots have heavily favoured Biden.

Ballots are also being counted in  Arizona, Nevada, Alaska and North Carolina.

Associated Press and Fox News however have given Biden the win in Arizona, other news outlets say its too close to call.

Last night, during a media conference from the White House, Trump gave what many are calling one of the most dangerous statements ever made by a President.

Trump falsely claimed votes that were cast before and during the election, but counted after Election Day, are illegal votes.