Ask your kids 'what' questions instead of 'how' to find out more about the school day


Now that kids are back to school you may notice your child's behaviour changes a bit.

CEO of Pathstone Mental Health Shaun Baylis says it's normal for children to feel some level of anxiety with school starting.

He says it's usually due to seeing friends after the summer, having a new teacher, and possibly starting at a new school.

He says it takes 2-3 weeks for children to adjust to a new schedule.

Baylis says if your child starts really showing signs of not wanting to go to school after a few weeks, or becoming very anxious, you can bring your child to one of Pathstone's community walk-in clinics.

He says morning routines are very important so children know what to except.

When it comes to getting children to open up about their day, Baylis says parents should be asking 'what' questions instead of 'how' to avoid getting a one word answer.

He suggests asking questions like 'what did you like about school today?' or 'what didn't you like about your day?'

You can then use follow-up questions to learn more about your child's day.