Atlantic Canada is bracing for a weekend blast from Dorian.

Storm damage

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says it's expected to hit the region tomorrow with hurricane force winds of 100-kilometres per hour.
Forecasters say there's the potential for significant damage when it makes landfall as a hurricane.
A hurricane warning is in effect for central and eastern Nova Scotia, and a hurricane watch covers southwestern Newfoundland.
Tropical storm watches have also been issued for western Nova Scotia, southeastern New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, the Magdalen Islands and northwestern Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says the storm is not entirely predictable.
The most likely track projection brings Dorian south of the Maritimes on Saturday, with the storm pushing through eastern Nova Scotia Saturday night, and then over the eastern Gulf of St. Lawrence or western Newfoundland by Sunday morning.

People are being advised to be vigilant as with past emergency situations, heed the advice of safety officials and have extra water, non-perishable food items, fresh batteries for radios and flashlights and a full tank of gas in the car.