B.C. says people visiting from other province's won't have to self isolate

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British Columbia's top doctor addressing the issue of travel within Canada.

Dr. Bonnie Henry says the province will not impose travel restrictions or force self-isolation on people who cross provincial boundaries.

The doctor noting the restrictions aren't practical within Canada, where essential trade and transportation take place between provinces.

But right now its a patchwork of different rules in each province on whether you have to self isolate once you cross provincial boundaries.

The east coast province's have some of the tightest restrictions on cross border travel.

 New Brunswick has banned non-essential travel into the province and has enforcement checkpoints set up at entry points.

Anyone arriving in Nova Scotia from out-of-province is being screened upon entry and told to self-isolate for 14 days.

On the Ontario government website, the only returning from travel restrictions that are listed are for anyone arriving in Canada from other countries.

There is no specific mention of travel between provinces.