Betty's has been victim to cruel, nasty and threatening comments following Oosterhoff event


A restaurant in Niagara Falls known for its milkshakes, pies and fish and chips has made headlines recently for all the wrong reasons.

Betty's Restaurant in Chippawa was thrown into the spotlight this week following a private party held at the Sodom Rd. business.

Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff posted pictures of the event of around 40 people, all close together and with no masks being worn.

Betty's owners issued a statement saying the group was reminded several times to wear a mask when not seated.

Niagara Falls NDP MPP Wayne Gates brought up the issue at Queen's Park today saying as the politician who represents Betty's he's seen the backlash the incident has caused.

“I want to add my voice on behalf of my community. I know the restaurant’s owner, Joe Miszk, who is a friend of mine. He’s a good man, a good father and a great community leader. I know he’s doing everything he can to keep Betty’s safe and his staff. To anyone listening: I want you to know that Betty’s is a wonderful restaurant and encourage you to continue to support it. I want to ask people to stop holding Joe responsible for what happened. You must understand that Betty’s is a restaurant that was overjoyed to have the MPP from Niagara West there along with his family.” 

Gates went on to share comments from Bernadette Miszk, wife of the owner Joe Miszk. “I can no longer tolerate the cruel, nasty and threatening comments and phone calls my husband, Joe, or his staff have been receiving these past few days. Honestly, we are losing much-needed sleep over this situation. To attack the character of my husband is both ignorant and hurtful not only to him but to our entire family. For those of you who made all these terrible comments about my husband without even knowing him, let me tell you, he is a man of integrity and a well-respected man in our community,” she wrote in a post on Facebook.  

Gates continued, “Joe and his staff should never have been put in this position. I want to say before this House that Joe is a good man who has experienced the unimaginable loss of his daughter this year. I know Joe and his staff tried their best to enforce safety guidelines. Be kind, wear your mask and I hope you join me in supporting the staff and the owner of Betty’s,” said Gates.