Betty's restaurant says it is doing all it can to keep staff and customers safe


Niagara Falls restaurant, thrown into the spotlight over the actions of a Niagara area MPP, has responded to the controversy.

Betty's in Chippawa was the scene of a large family gathering of close to 40 people attended by Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff.

The Tory politician took heat after posting a picture of himself posing with the group at the restaurant, with no one wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

In a post on Facebook, the owners of Betty's write, the group which was in a private room with a private entrance, was reminded several times that they were required to wear masks when not seated at their tables.

The post goes on to say " we can remind guests but we cannot strong arm them into following rules."

It concludes, " we have sanitized and disinfected the entire area since the party and we are truly doing our best to follow all guidelines for our safety and yours."