Bi-weekly garbage pickup already resulting in less trash going to landfills

Waste collection- Niagar Region Twitter

It's week three of the region's new garbage collection schedule and officials say we are getting the hang of it.  

Waste Management Services Director, Catherine Habermebl says the calls are starting to taper off and more and more people are downloading the new waste app.

Habermebl says she using it and she loved the reminder to put your pumpkin in the green bin this week.

She says so far over 21,000 are using the app.

Residents can also go online for a schedule or phone the info line at 1-800-594-5542.

She adds the move to bi-weekly garbage collection has already resulted in a reduction of waste going to landfills.

Habermebl says they are seeing close to a 19 percent decrease in the amount of waste and an increase in organic tonnage of 84 percent compared to last year's numbers.