Blue Ribbon Movement calls for paid isolation and better access to PPE for nurses

blue ribbon

Nurses across Niagara are taking part in a province-wide day of action over unpaid isolation and access to PPE.

The social media campaign dubbed the 'Blue Ribbon Movement' calls for financial compensation if nurses need to self-isolate due to COVID-19 exposure and equitable access to PPE.

Local nurse Jules Morosin explains, "Access to the masks is not the same access in another centre. So that could just mean instead of getting one mask and one N95, we need to have unlimited amounts so that we are not spreading anything and that we can stay safe and keep our patients safe too."

She also notes that if nurses are exposed to COVID-19 they may be told to isolate, but not receive any pay during that time. "And we're not the only group out there that is experiencing that. And like I say, when you're part of that Blue Ribbon movement and you're showing your support and we're going to get the attention of the provincial government, then it might change for everyone. It has a trickle down effect."

Nurses are asking the general public to show their support by putting a royal blue ribbon on their vehicle antenna and by posting a blue picture on social media.