Bradley and Sendzik say fed cash is good first step and will ensure some local projects move ahead


Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley is hoping today's announcement from the federal government is a first step like the Prime Minister has promised.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is rushing $2.2 billion in expected infrastructure funding to Canada's cities, but that is much less than municipalities say they need.

Bradley says they will continue to look for more funding from both levels of government.

Trudeau says the money can be used for construction projects to meet local infrastructure needs and put people to work.

Municipalities have seen steep losses in revenues through the COVID-19 pandemic as fewer people pay for transit or parking, and recreation centres stay closed without programs to fill local coffers.

St. Catharines will get $4 million of that money and Mayor Walter Sendzik calls it a small step in the right direction.

He notes that will ensure around a dozen projects move forward.

He says the funding can't be used to make up for operating losses the city is facing now, it can only be used for previously planned infrastructure projects.

Sendzik says the big question is - how do municipalities close the funding gap they are facing as the pandemic continues.