Brantford police discover online fight club


Brantford police have arrested two female teens in connection with an online social media "fight club".

Police say they launched an investigation after a parent complained their 13 year old daughter had been the victim of a series of serious assaults.

Police found the girl had been assaulted on three separate occasions in the last month.

The assaults were videotaped and posted on social media.

The investigation revealed the existance of a 'flight club' which featured consensual and non consensual fights between teens in the city.

Police have charged a 13 year old girl with three counts of assault and a 14 year old girl with one count of assault.

Brantford Police are reminding parents of the importance of monitoring the social activity of their young children noting that too often youth are hesitant to come forward and could downplay an incident as they may fear retaliation from bullies.