BREAKING | Brock cancels controversial teacher's course


The course being taught by a controversial teacher at Brock University as been cancelled.

David Schimmelpenninck's history course was to start tomorrow afternoon, but has been cancelled by the school. 

A statement from Brock reads: 

The University takes very seriously the right of every member of the Brock community to work and study in a respectful and safe environment. Brock will be accelerating the previously scheduled review of its Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy.

The University respects the many students and individuals who have expressed their views in a constructive and thoughtful manner.

Schimmelpenninck was found guilty of sexually harrassing a student in 2014 by an internal investigation.

Brock student Alex Drag says she expected him to cancel his class because of the pushback from the public, but is suprised it was the school who cancelled. 

Drag, who was involved in the 2016 demonstrations that were facilitated through the Students Against Sexual Assault group, says even though this is good news, it doesn't fix the problem. 

There is still a lot of unrest from the students, facility, and people all over Niagara, says Drag.

Drag was also present at the administrative meetings with former Brock President Jack Lightstone in the aftermath of the demonstration.

She says this isn't a simple issue that is fixed by him dropping the course, and says activists are ready to mobilize when necessary.

Yesterday, Schimmelpenninck offered the following statement to CKTB:

I regret my past behaviour, and if I could undo it, and the harm I caused, I absolutely would. I had a drinking problem for a very long time. I have gotten help for my alcoholism and stopped drinking completely. Over the past three years I have worked very hard to address my problems and done everything the university has asked of me. I made serious mistakes and the university has disciplined me for them. I know that some people will never accept me back at the school. I have devoted my life to being an educator, and my only hope is that I will be able to give back to the university community the best way I know, as an educator.