BREAKING | Missing 14 y/o believed to be abducted as retribution for $4 million cocaine debt


Toronto Police believe Shammah Jolayemi, the subject of today's Amber Alert, was abducted as retribution for a debt for $4-million worth of cocaine.

Superintendent with Toronto Police’s Organized Crime Enforcement Unit Steve Watts made the announcement at a press conference.

During the press conference, Watts suggested they've had contacted with abductors, but didn't go into detail.

Watts says the debt was owed by Jolayemi's stepbrother, who they have contacted.

The 14 year old boy's Amber Alert was issued just after midnight last night.

It turns out, he did not show up for school yesterday.

A spokesperson from the Toronto District School Board says the absence wasn't reported because the teacher missed the deadline to submit attendance data.

Police believe Jolayemi was abducted at 8:30 Wednesday morning in the area of Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue.

It believed the boy was screaming for help as he was forced into a Jeep.