Brock and McMaster researchers create new at home testing device


Researchers at Brock and McMaster University getting kudos for developing a prototype for a hand held device that can help indicate whether someone has a biomarker for a specific type of cancer.

The device can be used at home and is similar to an at-home testing kit diabetics commonly use to test their blood sugar levels.

A user mixes a droplet of blood in a vial of reactive liquid, then place the mixture onto a strip and inserts it into a reader. 

Researchers say within minutes, the device measures an antigen that indicates the degree to which cancer is present.

The prototype has been designed to monitor prostate specific antigens and scientists say the technology can be easily adapted to measure other types of cancers.

The device was created by a research collaboration led by Brock’s Feng Li, an associate professor of Chemistry who leads a bioanalytical chemistry lab, and McMaster’s Leyla Soleymani, a biomedical engineer and Canada Research Chair in Miniaturized Biomedical Devices.