Brock research team looking for people working from home to take part in study

work from home

A Brock University team is researching how our health is impacted from working from home.

"How people are positioned as they work for hours at a time may unwittingly be causing short- and long-term muscle and bone problems", say Brock Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Shawn Beaudette and Associate Professor of Kinesiology Michael Holmes.

The duo has launched an international online survey asking stay-at-home desk workers a variety of questions related to their working habits, physical activity and their musculoskeletal health.

“Much of the ongoing research associated with COVID-19 has been looking at the direct effects of COVID-19,” says Beaudette. “What we’re looking at with this research is some of the secondary effects of COVID-19. Specifically, how does this new sedentary lifestyle combined with sub-optimal working conditions affect somebody’s musculoskeletal health and well-being?”

The research team is asking participants for details about where and how they’re sitting as they work, if they are using any specialized ergonomic equipment, their movements as they take on additional duties such as child care, their access to health-care workers, and if they’re experiencing any pain in their neck, back, arms and legs. 

The aim of the research is to uncover any changes in these areas due to the sudden shift in working environment.

So far, around 200 participants in more than eight countries have responded to the survey, but researchers are aiming to have 2,000 responses by the end of the year.

To participate in the survey click here.