Brock researchers looking for young dancers to take part in study

Ballet dancers-Nagaiets

Do you have a child who dances competitively?  Then Brock University wants to hear from you.

Researchers at the school are looking for young dancers to take part in a study on the effects of the pandemic.
The study will be run by Brock University Professor Dawn Zinga and Associate Professor Danielle Sirianni Molnar of the Department of Child and Youth Studies and the University’s Dance Research Lab.

Competitive dancers between the ages of 12 and 18, along with a parent, are asked to share their experiences of dance, school and life under lockdown.

Professor Molnar points out  “Young dancers and their parents are accustomed to being part of a tight dance community, with many dancers spending well over 10 hours a week with their dance teachers and fellow dancers at the studio.The dance studio becomes another family to dancers in many cases, given how much time they spend together and how much they rely on teamwork and communication.”'

Anyone interested in participating in the study, titled “The impact of COVID-19 on competitive dancers and their families,” should contact the researchers at