Brock's Choir moves rehearsals online

CKTB - NEWS - Singing

Brock's Choir is going to have to find ways to reach that perfect harmony online.

Rehearsals are moving to a virtual format given the risks associated with singing together in person.

Choir members will focus on skills like vocal technique and stage presence and will also welcome special guest conductors, composers, and other specialists for a series of interviews and workshops.

Associate Professor of Music and Choir Director Rachel Rensink-Hoff says, "This is a tough transition for those of us in the arts, but it is also a chance to for us to strengthen our performance skills and to reflect on the significance of live performance to individuals and communities."

Choir auditions are open the Brock students and staff as well as the wider Niagara Community.

Auditions can be booked online before the Thursday, September 10th deadline.