Brock tourism expert encouraging sustainable tourism post-pandemic

CKTB - News - Niagara Falls

As Niagara's tourism industry looks at post-pandemic recovery, an expert from Brock University is suggesting a focus on sustainability and going green.

Geography and Tourism Studies Professor David Fennell says travellers are demanding low-carbon options for accommodation and transportation 'now more than ever.'

He says sustainability is of critical importance as Niagara needs to find greater co-operation across the region.

He points to the mass tourism of Niagara Falls, contrasted by other attractions throughout the region such as wineries and art venues that don't see the same abundance of traffic.  

"We often succumb to akrasia, or weakness of will, as tourists," Fennell says. "Even though we know that Option A is the right or good course of action, we often choose Option B because it enhances our experience, even at the cost to something or someone else - like a ride on a donkey or elephant that has been severely abused."

Over the weekend, the federal government committed 4.5 million dollars from the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund to Niagara Falls Tourism.

A total of 30 million dollars will be going to southern Ontario's tourism industry.