Brock U offering assistance to people recovering from brain injuries

CKTB-News- Brock brain injury

Brock University professors have developed a new video series to help patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries and their caregivers.

Recreation and Leisure Studies Associate Professor Colleen Whyte and Dramatic Arts Professor Joe Norris worked together to craft the 'Finding diginity within the shadows' project.

The 20 video series examines the experiences of people working in long term care, transforming their stories into dramatic scenes meant to help spark conversations.

The videos cover everything from what to pack when a family member is moved to a new living situation, to how to cope when a patient living with a brain injury says something that crosses a line.

"They're training videos, but not in the sense of, 'Here’s how you give a needle,'" said Norris. "It's more of a dialogic conversation where our audiences are invited to comment on the scenes and add their own insights and stories."