Brock U to mark 250th birthday of namesake

CKTB - NEWS - Brock Birthday

It's going to take quite a few people to blow out the candles on Sir Issac Brock's cake, but the badgers are going to give it a try.

On Friday, Brock University will be celebrating what would have been the 250th birthday of the school's namesake, Major-General Sir Issac Brock.

Along with history lessons, a proclamation from the town crier, and cupcakes, students are encouraged to wear red to mark the special day for the man who fended off American soldiers during the War of 1812.

It was his distinctive British red coat that made him an easy target, resulting in a fatal musket ball to the chest.

Brock's dying words on the hill at Queenston Heights are reportedly, 'Push on,' which is also the school's motto.

The celebration takes place in front of his statue at noon on Friday.