Brock University hosting virtual choir auditions

CKTB - NEWS - Virtual singing choir

Brock University choirs are hosting virtual auditions.

The University Choir is open to all members of the Brock community, including student, faculty, and staff.

But people with alto or soprano voices from the wider Niagara community can also audition for the Sora Singers, formerly known as the Brock Women's Choir.

Brock's Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts Associate Professor of Music and Artistic Director of Brock University Choral Activities Rachel Rensink-Hoff hopes the choirs will be able to sing in-person this fall pending public health protocols.

Auditions include sight-singing two short songs, clapping a rhythmic excerpt, sing-backs of several melodies, and a short discussion of musical backgrounds and experiences.

Anyone looking to join the choirs will also need to submit a recording of The Ash Grove and some range exercises with a Choir Information Form at least 12 hours before the virtual meeting.

Auditions are open now and close Monday, September 13th.

Visit the Sing At Brock! website to learn more and book an audition.