Butters discusses regional chair vote

CKTB _ NEWS - Region HQ

We are getting closer to the first regional council meeting on Thursday. As it approaches, the conversation about the chair election continues.

This morning, incoming councillor, Barbara Butters joined the Roundtable Roadtrip in Port Colborne.

Butters, a 20 year veteran of Port Colborne Council, made it clear when asked if she was considering the chair position for herself, "Oh good Lord no!"

In the past the weeks leading up to the first meeting have been full of behind the scenes deals for votes. Butters says she has not been involved in any of that, "(I) made it clear from the outset that I'm not playing that game so those folks aren't really talking to me right now and that's fine with me. I want to just show up on Thursday, have an open mind, and select the best person for the job."

One name that has been tied to the chair vote is Jim Bradley. The longtime MPP for St. Catharines hasn't confirmed his interest. Butters was asked if she has a favourite and Bradley's name came up, "I really like Mr. Bradley, I think he's a really fine person. But then I don't know who else might throw their hat in that ring"

The Chair election is the first official task of the new council. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday morning at 10 a.m.